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Mulit-Range Voltage Detector w/Adapters

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1kV – 40kV Multi-Range Voltage Detector w/Underground Adapters. This Multi-Range Voltage Detector (MRVD) tests both overhead and underground distribution systems in voltage classes from 5 through 40 kV. This model provides an easy, yet reliable means for the operator to determine if a line is: a) De-energized, b) Carrying less than normal system voltage from any source or induced charged from an adjacent live circuit, c) Energized at full system voltage. For this basic function, this model adapts to both overhead lines as well as URD circuits with 200 Amp loadbreak elbows, including those with and without capacitance test-points.

Interchangeable probes and adapters just thread into the MRVD end fitting and the selector switch dials to the voltage range or test point (T.P.) setting appropriate to each application. Furnished owner’s manual illustrates operating details for all models. Helps confirm a line is de-energized prior to performing maintenance. Reads field intensity for approximate line-to-line voltage.

  • Capable of distinguishing actual line voltage from static or feed over from an adjacent line.
  • Must mount on proper length hotstick for the voltage class involved.
  • Push button to confirm operational condition before and after each use.
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