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OCA Series Comealong for Optical Ground Wire — OCA Series OPGW Comealongs are stringing tools designed for pulling optical ground wire up to initial sag tensions. If the required tension is greater than the rated tension of a single comealong, two or more comealongs should be used. When desired sag tension is reached, the cable should be dead ended promptly and the comealong removed.

Comealongs must receive periodic maintenance. This practice should consist of a thorough cleaning with close inspection for nicked or rough cable grooves, cracked body, bent eye bolts, or damaged bail. The eyebolts should be kept clean and oiled. The cable groove should be kept clean and dry.

After each six months use and at the beginning of each job, all comealongs should be subjected to a pull test equal to its rated strength. If any damage is found, the comealong should be disposed of properly.

  • LOAD RATING: Maximum tension limit is 50% of the rated strength of the OPGW or 5,000 pounds, whichever value is smaller.
  • WARNING: Comealongs are not intended for use as dead ends and are not recommended to hold conductors at sag tension limits for longer than 6 hours.
    • Highly engineered product
    • Extruded aluminum body for greater strength and tolerance control
    • Bails are magnafluxed for quality assurance
    • Double lock nuts with cotter pins on the bail
    • Peened 1/2″ eye bolts prevent loss of nuts and washers
    • Angled bail provides clearance between the conductor and the hoist to protect the cable from damage
    • Approved for use on AFL cable only
    • Approved for use without testing on cables designed to meet OPGW cable standard IEEE 1138.

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