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A heavy-duty three drum puller, the Wagner Smith Equipment Co. Model T-3DP-200FT4 can be used in a wide range of Transmission stringing  applications.

The internal pressure compensated closed-loop hydraulic system minimizes heat build up of hydraulic fluid and can preset desired pulling pressure. A spring applied, hydraulic pressure released safety brake is standard in the main drive line for operator safety.

All unit operating controls are located at the operators station, off the ground, for operator safety. Touchscreen display/electronics package — Now logs pull data, limits customer from damaging equipment because of “over limit” function. User can now see engine alerts and more detailed system alerts.  This is a custom program created exclusively for WSE to communicate with FT4 engines and provide a better operating experience for the user.

Fold down safety screen and seat are all included as standard features. Each drum can be disconnected for freewheeling with brake over spin control. Hydraulic pressure control, drum speed control and gauges are panel mounted.

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