Our Services Help Keep You Stringing

equipment services

Customer Training

We design & manufacture our machines. That allows us to provide support and training to meet our customers needs where they need it.
  • Wire & Rope Splicing Training
  • Jobsite Setup Verification
  • Job Specific Machine Selection
  • Proper Machine Care & Usage

Machine / Equipment Repair

  • On-Site* & In-House Repairs on Equipment
  • Offering Routine Maintenance through Total Rebuilds
  • Re-Roping of Customer Owned Units
  • Wire & Rope Inspections and Recommendations

*Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions, we are not performing on-site training or repairs on equipment. If you are looking for that information, please contact us today.

Tool Repair / Certifications

Do you have tools in need of repair or recertification?
Our certified technicians can help.
  • Repair of all Brands & Pumps, Presses and Meters
  • Service on Wagner-Smith Equipment Blocks
  • Recertification of Hot Sticks & Accessories
  • Custom Made Ground/Jumper Sets