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Intelligent Line Stringing Rope Inspections Are Here

Traditional line stringing rope inspections were visual inspection methods typically only examine one side of the line while it is in motion at high speeds. Consequently, relying on an operator’s splitsecond decision regarding the line’s continued safe use has always been fraught with risk. Moreover, maintaining
lines to a specific safety factor was challenging, as accurately determining their health necessitates breaking the line to assess residual strength.

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Wagner-Smith Earns “STAR” Designation for Workplace Safety

Wagner-Smith Equipment Co. prides itself on workplace safety and making sure everyone can return home the way they came into work. Our corporate location in Burleson, Texas became our first location to earn “star” designation for excellence in workplace safety and health management, a designation given by OHSA.

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Made In The U.S.A. Tools Are Here

The moment you have been waiting for. The all new Made in the U.S.A. lineup of hand tools from Milwaukee Tools have come to Wagner-Smith Equipment Co. These tools are built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with materials from U.S.A. Starting with 8 tools, this lineup is bound to grow quickly. As quick as these tools have come in, they will be gone, so act quickly.

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Does Twisting Effect Rope Strength?

Rope strength is decreased with the amount of twist induced into the rope. The effect of twist varies with the fiber type, diameter,
and construction of the rope. Find out all the details on twists in rope and how you could be causing more damage the longer you do not take action.

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