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The Model 92 Aerial Cable Rollers, in three sizes, are the solution to a top quality engineered multiple cables stringing block. They are lightweight and robust being manufactured of heat treated aluminum alloy making them versatile, durable, dependable and not surpassed by any Cable Roller Blocks in their class.

  • All Model 92 Aerial Cable Rollers have an integral ANSI 52-5 socket allowing them to be attached directly to ANSI 52-3 & 52-5 ball and socket insulators.
  • All Model 92 Aerial Cable Rollers can be attached to a pole cross arm by using the slots in the base feet of the roller if desired.
  • All Model 92 Aerial Cable Rollers will accommodate up to 3/4″ messenger line, (Ø M in the drawing).
  • The Model 92 Aerial Cable Rollers have the sheave profile groove machined for concentricity thus permitting more precise sagging of the conductor.
  • The Model 92 Aerial Cable Rollers permit ease of transfer of the conductor or rope from the block with its wide opening and the use of a single ball-lock pin to release the block yoke.
  • The pin is designed for safe, smooth, single hand motion.

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