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OX Block w/Sling & Carabiner Combo

The OX BLOCK™ with adjustable sling and carabiner- 50061A-4 handline assembly, as a whole, can be used for hurtman rescue. However, DO NOT USE P/N 2406 handline hook [MBS 500lbs] or handline snap [MBS 750 lbs] for human support. All components used for rescue must have a 5000 lb. rating, configured to accept human support.

  • For rigging, ensure the weak link has a 4 to 1 safety factor.
  • The OX BLOCK™ is a rope snatchblock with an integrated friction bar used for: Hurtman/self-rescue, Lowering, Raising, Snubbing loads.
  • OX BLOCK™ with 7′ sling & steel carabiner, order model: 50061A-7

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