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1785 Insulated Jumper Clamp

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Insulated bypass jumper sets consist of three basic components: one pair of clamps, one pair of ferrules, and length of insulated cable. When a custom jumper is required, follow this procedure to ensure that a complete and functional jumper is specified.

  • Clamp Make: Clear
  • Electrical Ratings: Continuous Current (AMPS) 400
  • Fault Current-15 Cycles (AMPS) Fault Current-30 Cycles (AMPS) 36KV 0-0
  • Rated Mechanical Ratings: Main Line Range-Maximum-477 ACSR 0.883
  • Main Line Range Minimum-#6 Solid Copper (cu.) 0.162
  • Jumper Range Maximum 4/0 Ground Cable
  • Jumper Range Minimum: #6 Ground Cable
  • ASTM Designation: Grade 5
  • Acceptable Ferrules: #2-C600-2598, 1/0-C600-2599, 2/0-C600-2600, 2/0-2024 (Pair), 4/0-C600-2601, 4/0-2025 (Pair) Unshrouded
  • Stud Type: Threaded
  • Weight: (Pair)
  • Representative Photo.
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