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Temperature Probe

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The Hastings Wireless Temperature Probe can be used to measure the physical temperature of any energized or de-energized hardware or object, like transformers, conductors, and connectors. Intended for primary use with the Hastings Tel-O-Pole Series’, the unit can transmit and receive measurements from distances of up to 100 feet (typical). Measurements are read by direct contact with the end of the fiberglass probe.

The direct contact feature eliminates the “emissivity effect” that causes inaccuracies in temp readouts with non-contact sensors or thermal lensed cameras. The spring-loaded guide plate helps position the device, while also retracting to allow for measurements to be made on any size round or flat object.

  • The LCD Display receiver reads real-time temperatures and allows for the temporary memory storage for up to 3 separate readings.
  • Includes: Temperature Probe, Transmitter, Receiver and Case.
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