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Remote Hydraulic Cutter SP-32CC1

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SP-SERIES Remote Hydraulic Cutting Heads connect to any 10,000 psi, high pressure, hydraulic system and cut anything from EHS guy wire to anchor rod and most overhead and underground cables. Choose from nine different models to help cut costs and efforts. A 3/8″ screw-type male coupler is supplied with each tool. Huskie Tools Remote Hydraulic Cutting Heads have a hinged head which can be opened for easy cable or bar insertion. When the cutting pressure is relieved, an internal ram spring retracts the blade. Products with anvil-style, center-cut blades for EHS Guy Wire help eliminate jamming problems common to shear style cutters.

  • EHS Guy Wire up to 0.88″
  • Rebar, Ground & Anchor Rod up to 1.0″
  • Soft Steel Bolts up to 1.0″
  • Chain up to 0.50″
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