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Hot Arm Support w/Strap

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Pole Mounted Conductor Support (Hot Arm) with Strap. A new D-shaped buckle on the strap free end adds speed and convenience. Hanging a temporary conductor support with this innovation involves just hooking the buckle in the clasp on bracket and cinching the strap with the ratchet handle. Easy operation, replacement for chain binders with a strap-type ratchet-action mount rather than a chain binder.

The strap and ratchet assembly may be ordered alone for retrofit. Polyester strap offers advantage of less stretch than nylon for this application. With 10,000-lb. rated tensile strength, 2″-wide strap comes in 44″ length to fit most structures. Wide handle opening on rapid-action ratchet permits easy operation, even with rubber gloves and leather protectors. Epoxiglas®- insulated temporary conductor supports are used to hold energized distribution conductors during replacement of poles or repair and replacement of pole-top and stand-off insulators. Fork-type wire holder accepts up to 1″-diameter conductor.

  • For systems higher than 15 kV or when the tool is to support an energized conductor overnight or during periods of expected rain, M4805-7 insulators should be added to the wire holders.
  • Electrical Rating for Glossy, Clean and Dry Epoxiglas®
  • 15Kv Phase to Phase
  • 34Kv Phase to Phase w/M4805-7 Insulator on each wire holder
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