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Neutral Detector

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The RND insures that the operator has the regulator in its neutral. position prior to disconnecting the regulator from the circuit. Use of the RND eliminates high or low voltages caused by cy- cling the regulator to the upper or lower limits and then counting steps back to neutral. Works with step type and induction type regulators. 0 – 2000 volt range is shown in one volt increments. Works with all regulators up to and including 34.5KV systems. No range selector is required. Digital display with 1/2” tall LCD digits for easy viewing. Lighted meter for use at night can be switched on by the operator. 9 volt battery included. Low battery indicator.

  • The RND verifies the step indicator has not slipped one step.
  • A female universal spline allows unit to be attached to all universal- hot sticks.
  • Contact electrodes are knurled to aid in contact with conductors.

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