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Temporary Dead End Arm

When utilizing the butt swivel or the equipment mounting bracket for temporary hanging of a tap line; only slack spans are recommended with loads not to exceed 150 lbs., providing that the Dead End Arm is being held captive on the crossarm.

  • Arms are constructed with 3” diameter fiberglass and a foam core to meet most load requirements for temporary dead ends.
  • Load limit – 500 lbs. per position or 1,000 lbs. total load limit.
  • Arms have two holes with 18” spacing to accommodate 5/8” diameter hardware bolts for dead ends.
  • Two aluminum sleeves are installed to prevent wear on the fiberglass arm.
  • Steel mounting brackets have multiple holes for adjustment to fit various arm sizes. Note: adjustment range is described for all catalog numbers shown below.
  • Arms can be installed on either the top or bottom of existing cross arms.
  • Two styles are available. Butt swivel eye to dead end a single phase tap line or a 3 way aluminum alloy equipment mounting bracket for mounting a cutout, lighting arrester and a dead end tap line.

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