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5′ Crossarm Conductor Cover

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Conductor Cover 5′. Conductors through 1 3/4″ diameter. These covers are made of high-dielectric polyethylene. The wax-like surface provides a natural self-cleaning action and resists the effects of greases and other contaminants. The bright-orange color gives a visible warning to those who are working close to the equipment. Chance insulator covers are designed to help protect the lineman while working close to energized conductors. They are rated phase-to-phase for voltages through 46kV and can be easily installed with a Grip-All clampstick.

The insulator cover is designed to be used in conjunction with two conductor covers on insulators above 13kV. It fits over the insulator and locks with a conductor cover on each end. A polypropylene rope swings under the crossarm and hooks with a clampstick, thus helping to prevent the insulator cover from dislodging due to bumping or wind gusts.

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