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Tension Puller

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Tension Puller Switching Tool combines line-tension disconnect switch with Epoxiglas® insulated tool as above. Weathershed polymer skirts are bonded to 1.5″-diameter pole. Compression clamps secure switch hot parts to pole. Bypass stud (.5″-dia.) at each end of switch accepts 3″-wide jumper clamps.

Copper switch blade with silver-plated contacts opens to 90˚, or 180˚ with stop pin removed. Galvanized hooks are provided for operation by loadbreak device. With handling rings, this tool may be operated by either hotline tools or rubber-glove techniques. Illustrated instructions give procedures for installation, operation and maintenance. Hot line jumpers installed on conductor and tool’s bypass studs create parallel circuit. Conductor is securely restrained before cut.

  • Long tail is clamped back onto itself. Portable loadbreak device may be used to open switch.
  • For additional recommendations, refer to ANSI C37.35 IEEE Guide for the Application, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of High Voltage Air Disconnecting and Load Intrerrupter Switches.
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