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Hydraulic Crimper

Slingco’s Hydraulic Crimping Tools are designed to crimp sleeves and lugs on ACSR and ACAR transmission & distribution cables using dies that meet the standards of the utility industry. Our crimping tools are ideal for use in constructing substations and transmission lines.

These come in either single-acting or double-acting crimping. The tool uses hydraulic pressure to advance the ram into position, and an internal spring to return the ram to the original position. The Double-Acting Crimping Tool advances and returns the ram using hydraulic pressure alone, eliminating the possibility of the ram sticking or becoming jammed.

Our Hydraulic Crimping Tools come in a steel carrying case, and are lightweight and portable. Our crimping tools accept Slingco S60 Dies, or any shell-type dies used with Alcoa or Burndy 60-ton or 100-ton crimping tools.

  • Accepts Slingco, Burndy L and Alcoa 6000 Series dies
  • Steel Carrying Case
  • Includes Ground Stand
  • Lifting eye for hoist work
  • For Crimping ACSR and ACAR transmission and distribution cables

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