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Multiple Cable Sheave

Heavy Duty Multiple Sheave Cable Blocks are used to simultaneously support two, three, or four cables prior to lashing to a supporting suspension strand. The three sheave multiple cable block can keep up to three 2 1/2 in. diameter or smaller cables separate until you’re ready for lashing to the messenger. The three sheave block is ideal for triplexing cables in the electrical industry; that is lashing up to three 750 MCM cables together to a supporting strand.

The four sheave multiple cable block can handle up to four 1 1/2 in. diameter or smaller cables at one time.

  • All the GMP Multiple Cable Blocks feature heat treated aluminum alloy frame and sheave, with Oilite bearings on the sheave and steel inserts on the strand hooks for easier movement.
  • A bi-directional lever operated cam locks the block in place during pulling in, then automatically releases during lashing.

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