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Fiberglass Cleaning & Finishing

Kit includes items necessary to clean and/or restore fiberglass hot sticks, booms, and buckets. Kit consists of…all-purpose Cleaner – The all-purpose cleaner provides a safe non-toxic liquid to aid in removing dirt, grease, metal oxides and other contaminants which accumulate on fiberglass, Ultra Fine Non-Metallic Abrasive Pads – Pads can be used with the all-purpose cleaner to remove stubborn contamination.

Note – fiberglass wax may be required after use of cleaner and/or pads to retain surface gloss

  • Clear Epoxy Refinishing Kit – The two part refinish kit is used to bring the tool surface back to its original finish if normal cleaning is not sufficient
  • Silicone Treated Wiping Cloths – Wiping cloths are used to remove light dust and dirt from stick surfaces.
  • It is also needed after light cleaning of tool with all-purpose cleaner to allow moisture to bead up on tool.

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