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The GT600-2 provide quality testing for personal protective grounding assemblies.

The GT Series Grounding Assembly Testers are designed to provide integrity testing of the electrical characteristics of portable protective grounding assemblies. The GT Series Testers provide a reliable test by administering Rated ASTM Current up to 600 Amps through the grounding assembly and measuring the voltage drop across the assembly. The voltage drop in conjunction with a thorough visual inspection determines if the grounding assembly meets ASTM electrical specifications. The GT Series Testers are housed in a sturdy carrying case.

  • Each unit is compact, weighs approximately 60 pounds and quickly confirms the condition of an entire grounding jumper assembly.
  • It is easy to operate and can be set up for testing in a matter of minutes by qualified lab or field personnel.
  • GT600-2
    • Powered by conventional 115VAC outlet rated at 20 amps or higher.
    • Variable transformer allows ASTM continuous current to be applied to cable.
    • Compact and easy to read reference chart.
    • Optional voltmeter addition allows for troubleshooting clamp and ferrule connections.
  • Easily converts for testing elbows, bushings, mechanical jumpers, substation clamps, truck grounds and cluster grounds
  • Optional adapters are available for special applications.
  • Unit comes standard with ball stud electrode (817542), plain electrode (817600S), tightening pin (GT400SP), volt meter leads, instruction manual.
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