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Phasing has never been easier with the Exclusive, Wireless Technology of the PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester. The PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester accurately and easily operates in multiple applications including phasing, voltage detection, phase sequencing and phase angle indication. You will only need this one kit for three-phase secondary systems, capacitive test points, URD systems and overhead and transmission/substation systems. This unique tester operates like a conventional phasing tester, but does not require an interconnecting cable or extension resistors.

  • Requires No Interconnecting Cable between Probes.
  • Requires No Extension Resistors.
  • Both Probes are Completely Shielded to Minimize Stray Field Interference.
  • Meter Probe Can be used as a Voltage Detector Showing Approximate Voltage, in the URD or OH Position, or with Reference Probe up to 51kV to Ground.
  • Cordless Phasing Tool Direct Contact from 120V – 69kV, Distribution Systems Cordless Phasing Tool(Degree Position Only) Non-Contact from 69kV – 800kV, Transmission/Substation Systems.
  • Each kit contains a Reference Probe(Transmitter), Meter Probe (Receiver), one straight probe adapter (81280LPM), one hook probe adapter (81280LHM), instruction manual, all stored in a padded case (PD800B).
  • FCC Licensed Wireless Technology.
  • The Meter Probe features a Large Easy-to-Read Digital Display with Backlight.
  • Both Probes feature High Intensity Color Coded LED Indicator Lights.
  • Both Probes are Impact and Water Resistant, Designed to withstand Wear.
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