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Hydraulic Pole Jack – Valmont

The Valmont Pole Jack System provides a safe and easy way to assemble the slip joints of steel poles. In the field setup is quick and easy. Brackets are designed to bolt to pole nut spacing. Operates on hydraulic tool motor which is included with unit.

Crate #1 Dimensions:

  • 73” L x 21” W x 19” H
  • Weight 900 lbs.
    • Contents:
      • Jacking Bar (2) Cylinder: 5 inch Bore x 12 inch Stroke x 2 inch Rod (2)
      • Cylinder Mount (2)
      • Push-Pull Bar (2)
      • Clevis Pin: 1 ¾ inch Diameter (2)
      • Set Screws: 1 inch Diameter x 2 ½ inch Length
      • Jam Nuts: 1 inch Diameter
      • Bottoming Tap: 1 inch Diameter x 8 UNC Thread (1)
      • Short Arm Hex Key Allen Wrench: 9/16 inch (1).

Hydraulic Power Unit Crate #2 Dimensions:

  • 32″ L x 24” W x 29” H
  • Weight 300 lbs.
    • ENERPAC® Hydraulic Power Unit (1)
      • WARNING: DO NOT exceed the maximum tandem pulling cylinder force (See Valmont drawings).
        DO NOT exceed maximum operating pressure (3,000 psi).
    • Hydraulic Hose w/ ENERPAC® hydraulic quick couplers (2)


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