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Post Hole Diggers

Oshkosh offers Split Handle and Solid Handle Post Hole Diggers. The blades are made of our special alloy steel. The blades are attached by welding instead of riveting making a durable joint with no rivets to shear off. The fulcrum members are made of heavily constructed, channel-shaped steel – no castings. The diameter of the circle circumscribed by the digger blades is approximately 6 inches. Two bolts hold each handle to the digger head making them easy to replace when necessary.

The Split handles are used with a front to back motion. The Solid handles start out together and are pulled apart when using. The operating action for the solid-handle digger begins with the handle together. The handles are then pulled directly apart to capture the load. With the split-handle digger, the operator uses a forward-and-back motion sliding the handles past each other. The split handle design has a wider blade opening, which allows for a larger hole to be dug.

  • Comes in standard or split handles

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