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2AS Series Stripper

Cable O.D. Range 1/2″ to 1-3/4″. The 1542-2AS Series Stripper is designed to remove PE, XLP, EPR and other types of insulation from power cable, as well as score the cable’s semi-conductive outer shield with precise accuracy. The 1542-2AS combines the features of the 1542-2CL Speed Stripper and 1700 Semi-Con Scorer. The tool provides precise blade depth adjustment and maximizes the reliability of installation. No bushings are required.

  • 5kV / 1000 MCM and smaller
  • 15kV / 750 MCM and smaller
  • 25kV / 350 MCM and smaller
  • 35kV / 3/0 and smaller.
  • For larger cables refer to Mark I, Mark II and Mark III tools.
  • Series Options: 1542-2AS – Combination Stripper With Wedge Blade installed, spare Straight Blade
  • 1542-2AS-1 – Combination Stripper With Wedge Blade installed
  • Spare Wedge Blade, 1542-2AS-2 – Combination Stripper With Straight Blade Installed, spare Straight Blade

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