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Load Series Break Probe Wrench

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LPW1525 Series – The LPW1525/TK120X and LPW-1525/TK120X-N Combination Loadbreak Probe Wrench provide a means of preventing probe arc follower contamination and other damage when installing the probe into a loadbreak elbow. The tool holds the loadbreak probe for positioning into the threaded eye of the elbow crimp connector. The torque limiter is preset and is rotated until the Tor-Key clicks, indicating that the preset torque has been reached.

The LPW1525/TK120X-N adds a neutral winding groove and cross hole option to reduce neutral wire breakage when splitting the outer jacket.

  • The LPW1525 Loadbreak Probe Wrench is a standalone probe wrench with a ¼” square drive for use with the TK-120 Tor-Key.
  • The LPW1525 Series tools fit all 15kV and 25kV elbows and Elastimold 35kV elbows.
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