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3 Phase Boom Lifts

Jib-mounted, Winch Driven, Constant-load monitor, 1200 lb. rating.

Hot-Line tool set enables a material-handler boom truck to lift single or three phase systems conductors. Operator remains in bucket, positioned to perform such routine jobs as replacing insulators, cross arms or poles.

For armless construction:

• 6’ arm attaches at proper level on series of mounting holes on mast.
• Maximum Ratings, all units: Vertical load per wire holder: 300 lb., Balanced vertical load: 1,200 lb., includes tool itself, Side load per wire holder: 100 lb.
• Electrical Ratings: GLOSSY, CLEAN AND DRY EPOXIGLAS® 15kV Phase to Phase (20 Inch Min. wire holder Spacing), 34kV Phase to Phase (20 Inch Min. wire holder Spacing and M4805-7 Insulators are used on each wire holder)

  • Each complete unit includes a jib sleeve in size listed, in addition to: 10′ Vertical orange Epoxiglas® mast (4″ x 4″)
  • 10′ Horizontal gray Epoxirod® support arm (2-1/2″ dia.) with four Heavy-Duty Roller-type Wire-Holders for conventional crossarm construction
  • 6′ Horizontal gray Epoxirod®support arm (2-1/2″ dia.) with one additional wire holder for center mast for armless construction
  • Storage bags for all components above.
  • Wire holders latch easily from bucket with hook stick
  • 12″ Epoxirod® link insulates each latch-release lanyard
  • Fourth wire holder furnished for crossarm-mounted neutral

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