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Manhole Cover Lifter

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This ingenious tool simplifies the removal and replacement of typical Telephone manhole covers while decreasing the strain on the user. The long handle provides useful leverage when removing and replacing manhole covers. Each tool is made of an all-steel handle, sleeve, shank, foot and heat-treated alloy steel hook. Zinc-plating is then applied to fight rust and rubber grips are placed on both handle and foot to prevent slippage.

The open end of the hook can be locked inside the handle as an added safety feature when not being used.

  • 01368 Manhole Cover Lifter
  • 13681 Manhole Cover Lifter w/spiked foot.
  • When preparing to remove a cover make sure it’s not locked with a bolt or other locking device.
  • When handling a cover, keep feet solidly placed and clear of the cover should it drop.
Item Number 01368 Category Product Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , Brand:

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