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Power Dart Blower Kit/Accessories

The Power Dart Blower Kit provides a method to install pull String or pull tape into longer duct runs without the need for an air compressor. Utilizing three independent, high volume blower motors, this unit delivers 300 CFM (8.5 m3/min) @ 3 PSI (.2 Bar) – more than enough to blow 1/2″ pull string or pull tape 2000’ into conduit up to 6” in diameter.

By running one, two or all three motors, the operator can regulate the speed of the installation. The Condux® Power Dart® Blower weighs only 31lbs) making it a breeze to carry from install to install.

  • Note: Requires 110V or 220V AC Power or 3,000 Watt Generator.
  • Comes w/30 Amp Twist Plug Installed.
  • Includes: 08030004 Includes: 110V Power Dart Blower Unit, Hose, Seal-Off Handle & Seal-Offs for 1⁄2″ – 6″ conduit.
  • Carriers not included.220 V 08030004 includes: 220V Power Dart Blower Unit, Hose, Seal-Off Handle & Seal-Offs.
  • Hose Only HD: 08039300 – 25″ x 2 1/2″
  • Hose End Fitting: 08039301
  • Outlet Fitting for Box: 08039302
  • Seal-Off Replacement
    • Duct Size: 1/2-1 1/4″ – 08039700
    • Duct Size: 1 1/2-2 1/2″ – 08066800
    • Duct Size: 2 1/2-6″ – 08039500

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