Long Time Team Member Becomes Branch Manager

Working for a dynamic and rapidly expanding company like Wagner-Smith Equipment Co., we strive on offering individual employees an array of exciting and challenging opportunities to grow. That’s precisely what motivated the management team at WSE to promote long-term employee, Bill Artz, to Branch Manager at our Dayton, Ohio location.

Bill joined the team in February 2010, to assist with inventory and pricing management. His primary focus from the outset was to learn all about the products and services that WSE offers as a means of being better equipped to efficiently and effectively assist customers. Beyond just selling, Bill also actively participated in sales efforts, as well as working directly in the warehouse. This hands-on experience allowed him to gain a comprehensive understanding of precisely how products were stored, handled, and shipped in order to be delivered to customers with optimal speed and quality.

As Wagner-Smith Equipment continued its impressive growth trajectory, there soon arose a need to consolidate purchasing, and this presented him with a unique opportunity to take on a new challenge. As a result, Bill stepped up to spearhead centralized purchasing for all WSE locations. This proved particularly advantageous, enabling us to coordinate inventory and negotiate more favorable pricing with our suppliers. Moreover, it provided a more seamless and straightforward approach for everyone involved across all WSE locations when it came to receiving the necessary products.

As an essential member of the annual inventory team, he approached this task with a customer-focused mindset and worked with the team in managing and optimizing inventory effectively. This, coupled with the excellent standards of customer service we upheld, allowed us to adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace and continue providing our clients with the highest caliber of products and services possible.

His dedication and experience made it a quick decision on who the perfect candidate would be for this role in Ohio. We would like to congratulate Bill on his new role and next time you are in Ohio, stop in and say Hi to Bill and his team.

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