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E-Z Lift Manhole Cover Lifter

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The E-Z Lift Manhole cover lifter is the tool of choice by Major Telcoms for removing and replacing manhole and pullbox lids. Manufactured from solid 6061-T6 lightweight aluminum. The built in mechanical advantage allows you to remove even the most stubborn cover, while letting the lifter do the work, not your back. Has a link device that attaches to an “S” Hook which allows you to position the tool so the handle is vertical when lifting.

  • Has a urethane covered T-bar for extra traction on asphalt.
  • Optional spiked foot is available for improved traction on grass, sand, ice, snow or other loose surface.
  • 70159 “E-Z Lift” Manhole Cover Lifter
  • 70158 “E-Z Lift” Manhole Cover Lifter w/Spiked Foot.
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