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With one of the most expansive rental fleets across the continental United States, the inspection of stringing lines is a daily, ongoing effort at Wagner-Smith. Even with standardized procedures in place, manual visual inspections of these lines are extremely labor intensive and require technicians to
maintain constant focus on the line while it being paid out and back in.

Traditional visual inspection methods typically only examine one side of the line while it is in motion at high speeds. Consequently, relying on an operator’s splitsecond decision regarding the line’s continued safe use has always been fraught with risk. Moreover, maintaining lines to a specific safety factor was challenging, as accurately determining their health necessitates breaking the line to assess residual strength.

“Proper equipment maintenance is directly linked to the company’s commitment
to providing the most reliable stringing solutions for safer operations”

~ Steve Aston, Vice President of Operations

Wagner-Smith Equipment has partnered with The Scope system continuously captures images of the line during scans, which are then analyzed by the Insight Engine. The engine synthesizes this information into a user-friendly graph, displaying the health of each individual line segment in real-time on a tablet.

This allows operators to receive immediate feedback on the scanned line segments, facilitating quick and informed decision-making. The intuitive interface was designed to help operators track their pull speed and position on the line, making it simple to pinpoint the location of any damage.
With every scan, the Scope system generates valuable data points that are securely stored online. This enables operators to review the line and formulate a repair plan if needed, while fleet managers can immediately access the scans and relevant images. The system delivers real-time reporting and notifications, removing the need for manual inspection report creation, streamlining the inspection process for everyone involved.

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