Safety Starts with the Right Tools

Do I have the proper equipment for the job?

Having the proper equipment for the job is an important part of the planning process of any project. It could mean the difference between completing the project on time or even starting it. However, not having the necessary tools might lead to risky decisions and behaviors. If the correct tools aren’t available, the decision barrier may be lowered from “the right tools” to “good enough tools.” These methods may work most of the time, but every time we lower our safe decision threshold, we set ourselves up for failure. #SafetyWeek #NationalSafetyWeek
This week, take a step back and ask those questions, “Do we have the right tool for the job?”
During #ConstructionSafetyWeek, don’t get stuck with the wrong tools. View our products today and see how Wagner-Smith Equipment Co. can supply your team with the proper PPE, tooling and safety equipment for any job. 
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